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Japan has decided to review its restrictions on beef imports from the US. The rule was put in place in 2005 and restricts the import of beef from cattle over 20 months of age.

(Reuters) – The United States welcomed Japan’s review of meat import rules that bar import of beef from cattle over 20 months of age, imposed as mad-cow safeguard, an Agriculture Department spokesman said on Tuesday.

The rule, in place since 2005, greatly reduced U.S. beef sales to Japan. The Japanese government announced on Tuesday it would review the restrictions. For years, the United States said its feed and meat processing rules assure its beef is safe to eat.

“Further opening of Japan’s beef market in a manner that is based on science, consistent with international standards, and commercially viable remains a high priority for the…

Sheryl Little, an Arkansas home cook, won the National Beef Cook-Off and took home a prize of $25,000. She took the “Best of Beef” grand prize for her beef stir fry recipe.

Arkansas home cook with top sirloin steak, instant rice, a mango, a few vegetables and a creative flair recently walked away from the 2011 National Beef Cook-Off® with a winning recipe and $25,000 in her pocket. Sheryl Little won the 29th National Beef Cook-Off “Best of Beef” grand prize with her Vegetable-Mango Beef Stir Fry. Her original creation topped 19 other finalists from across the country.

The judges, a panel of esteemed food journalists and bloggers, raved about Little’s recipe because of its unique combination of fresh fruit and vegetables and grain ingredients – and her use of one of the 29 lean cuts of beef. In addition, the dish is an excellent source of fiber, protein, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, iron, selenium, zinc and choline.